You can visit the RoboCup Dutch Open for free, daily between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. The tournament takes place in the "Indoor-Sportcentrum" in Eindhoven. Here, you can find more information about the routes. In the neighbourhood are free parkings.   

Robotic Soccer

The eye catcher of the RoboCup is the quick roboticsoccer in the Middle Size League. Every day, there are competitions in this league. A schedule of the competitions can be found on this page: schedule Middle Size League

Robot competitions

The RoboCup is more than the competitions in the Middle Size League, which are also worthwhile to see. Continuously you can see games in different competitions. If you want to know more about these competitions, you can take a look at the competitions in RoboCup Dutch Open. The finals take place on Sunday the 29th of April.

High School Competitions 

On Saturday the 28th of April, competitions for high school students take place in the Junior Leagues. Here, the participants compete with their own robots: schedule Junior League

Business Fair

On Wednesday the 25th and Thursday the 26th of April, a business fair is organised for companies with a relation to robotics. This fair is also open for public.


Besides the competitions you can watch all kind of robotdemonstrations. For instance there's a Pleo, a cute mini-dinosaur, and there are NAO's, knee high, toylike robots. Also a robotdisco is organised, you can build LEGO robots and you can test your own football skills!

Food and Drinks

In the Indoor Sportcentrum is a Grand Café which you can visit for food and drinks. Also in the hall, you can get sandwiches and drinks.